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“Gu Xiuying has become an adult, but she is not in a hurry to marry anyone, because you, Ruxue, are the one that brings honor to the flourishing Gu Mansion, and your Elder Brother is working for the Crown Prince too.

Everyone is contributing to the Gu Family.

Gu Xiuying is the Third Concubines daughter and she is enjoying the flourishing life you have created for her, so she needs to make contributions as well.”

“Therefore, her marriage isnt that hurried.

You can find her a suitor when you need her in the future.

You dont need her at the moment, so she is not in a hurry to get married.”

“Is it her honor if we can use her Gu Xiuying wont be able to marry anyone, if we dont need her.”

“What do you think, Ruxue”

When she was done with her speech, Mrs.

Gu turned to Ruxue and asked what she was thinking.

Ruxue did not ask about Gu Xiuyings marriage, but since she mentioned it now, Ruxues idea should be taken into full consideration.

Gu Ruxue had no plans of her own.

She just asked since she ran into that girl today.

She was happy about how her mother arranged Gu Xiuyings marriage, and she had no other ideas either.

However,…there was one more point.

Gu Ruxue reminded her.

“Just do as you want, mom, but you have to remember not to find her a good suitor.

She is just a concubines daughter so she doesnt deserve anyone good.”

“Of course.” Mrs.

Gu responded.

Although Gu Xiuying was never going to find someone better than Ruxues husband, Mrs.

Gu never had the intention of finding her a good suitor either.

She was born by a concubine! Only her own daughter Ruxue deserved the best things.

Gu Caiqin and Gu Xiuying were not big threats for her, becuase they were both under her control.

She could arrange their future in any way she wanted, but Gu Chaoyan was a threat.

Gu Chaoyan was born by Ms.

Lin, who was the woman she had resented most in her life.

She never let Ms.

Lin have a good life, nor would she allow her daughter to have a good life.

She had been in charge of Gu Chaoyan before, but for some reason, Gu Chaoyan became capable and found her own way out!

However, that was not the end.

She still believed that the woman was under her control.


Gu showed a serious look on her face.

She looked very fericous.

She turned to Gu Ruxue and whispered.

“Ruxue, just ignore Gu Caiqin and Gu Xiuying for the moment, they are under my control, but Gu Chaoyan is at large.”

“She is engaged with Lord Huai and moved out of Gu Mansion, but we can still do something about her!” Mrs.

Gu said sinisterly.

When Gu Chaoyan was mentioned, Gu Ruxue also felt really furious.

She had been humiliated so many times because of the phoenix!

Gu Chaoyan might not have done that out of intention, well she did not expect that she dared to, yet she was humiliated after all, so she was going to take revenge on her.

Also, she was going to take revenge one after another.

She smirked.

“Dont worry, Mom, we have a lot of chances to humiliate her.

Madame Min is having a birthday banquet in a couple of days, and she is attending the banquet too, so…”

Gu Ruxue was talking happily, when a loud knocking sound arose suddenly.

“Madame, something bad has just happened!”

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