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Gu Ruxue showed a look of sneering.

She looked directly at Gu Xiuying

She had not seen Gu Xiuying in a long time.

In the past, she would not have spared a look at Gu Xiuying, but today, Gu Ruxue was very glad.

So she headed directly to Gu Xiuying instead.

Gu Ruxue already saw her yet Gu Xiuying had not yet moved.

Instead, she showed a flattering smile and greeted Gu Ruxue politely.

Gu Xiuying bowed when they were still one meter apart.

“Greetings, Crown Prince Consort!”

Gu Ruxue threw a calm look at her.

She did not say a word upon seeing her greetings.

Instead, she just sized her up.

Gu Xiuying must have spent some effort in getting herself dressed up today.

She was wearing a red blouse, which was made of nice cloth, but Gu Ruxue could tell that the material for the clothes was of the lowest quality, which was given to the third concubine.

She was also wearing very heavy makeup.

However, Gu Xiuying was not a good-looking girl, and she did not inherit the best looks of her father.

She just looked like her mother, very ordinary.

Gu Ruxue felt very good after seeing Gu Xiuying, but she still wore an arrogant look on her face.

She said calmly, “Just get up, we are sisters, no need to greet me so formally.”

Then she turned to Pear Garden.

Gu Xiuying had a very complicated look on her face upon seeing Gu Ruxue leaving.

Gu Ruxue had been the most adored miss in the whole mansion, despite the fact that she was not the lineal daughter.

She had always been treated as the real lineal miss.

She was not convinced.

She always believed that she would not be worse than she was, but Gu Ruxue was so lucky that she always had a smooth life.

She thought that at least, she should be better than the ugly Gu Chaoyan, but Gu Chaoyan got engaged to a lord!

Therefore, Gu Caiqin was the only lady left in the mansion apart from her, and Gu Xiuying thought that she should be better than Gu Caiqin.

So she kept dressing herself up and went to different banquets in the name of Gu Mansion, hoping that she could marry someone good, but she had not found any suitors after such a long time.

She felt so twisted inside after seeing Gu Ruxue.

She clenched her fists and left with her maid.

Gu Ruxue was already at Pear Garden by this point.

Seeing Gu Ruxue here, Mrs.

Gu showed extreme joy.

Ruxue was the hope of their mansion and as long as Ruxue was doing well, their mansion would continue to flourish.

Gu Ruxue became the center of the whole Pear Garden.

Gu Ruxue was very satisfied, so she wore a smile on her face as she sat down arrogantly.

She said, “I saw Gu Xiuying on the way here.”

“Gu Xiuying is soon becoming an adult right Has she found a suitor”


Gu heard what Gu Ruxue said about Gu Xiuying and said indifferently, “Of course not.

But I have other plans.”

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