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When he took the throne, he would be the master of the world.

When that time came… the whole world would be his, and a woman like that would become his too.

Zhou Huailing was thinking this inwardly.

He kept thinking about that cold-looking silhouette.

“What are you staring at” Gu Ruxue looked displeased.

She frowned and screamed.

She had not dared to behave like this before, but as time went by, Gu Ruxue started to feel that Zhou Huailing, when he became the Crown Prince, put her first in every aspect.

He never dared to irritate her, and even Honored Princess Jing was doing this.

That was how she felt, after learning the news about Destiny Monk.

Everyone flattered her and did not dare to irritate her.

Gu Ruxue knew that it was because the Crown Prince loved her and because she was the Phoenix Girl.

That was why she was getting more and more arrogant.

She was behaving like this, yet Zhou Huailing did not dare lecture her, and she did not notice that her actions had any problems.

Gu Ruxue did not think that there was anything wrong with her lecturing Zhou Huailing right in front of other people.

Zhou Huailing tried to calm himself down.

He adjusted his emotions within minutes, then he smiled at Gu Ruxue.

“I was leaving now, I dont want you to wait for too long, but I am busy with affairs.”

“Okay, lets leave now.” Zhou Huailing tried to pamper her and left with Gu Ruxue.

It took a long time before he remembered Junyi.

He did not think that the way Gu Ruxue treated Junyi was any problem.

Junyi was talented, but he was a servant after all, whilst Gu Ruxue was the Princess Consort who could do whatever she wanted with the servants.

Zhou Huailing never considered how Junyi would feel.

He just could not stand that Gu Ruxue humiliated him.

Junyi watched the couple leaving with a twisted look on his face.

He clenched his fists tightly.

He had never been humiliated like this before.

He let out a deep breath and closed his eyes, soon going back to normal and headed towards his own yard.

By this moment, Zhou Huailing and Gu Ruxue were back in their room as well.

Zhou Huailing poured Gu Ruxue a cup of tea when they went inside.

“Just drink some tea, you must be very tired from shouting so loudly.”

“But I needed to discuss with Junyi about some important matters, which are for your good as well.”

“Destiny Monk has returned to the temple, but he refuses to enter the court.

Me and Junyi were discussing how to persude Destiny Monk to come with us.”

As he was speaking, Zhou Huailing looked affectionately at Gu Ruxue.

“Ruxue, we have waited for so long for this day, and when Destiny Monk comes to reveal your secret as the Phoenix Girl, we will win!”

“You dont have to worry about anything, and I will plan everything well.

All we need to do right now is to have children.”

“The Elder Princes Princess Consort is pregnant, so we need to work harder.” Zhou Huailing mentioned worriedly.

Gu Ruxue was confused.

She looked at Zhou Huailing.

“She is at the border, how do you know about her pregnancy”

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