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Chapter 106: Wait and See

Duke Changnings Mansion might not have actual power, but they had ranks.

He understood clearly that a family like the Gu Family would flatter them no matter what.

That was why this ugly girl kept pestering him since childhood and the Second Sister Gu Ruxue kept sucking up to him as well.

The ugly girl performed well at the banquet today.

So he was willing to offer the deal.

He smiled briefly.

Lu Jiming waited for the ugly girl to agree out of excitement.

A while later Lu Jiming had not heard her reply, so he looked at Gu Chaoyan with confusion.

Gu Chaoyan looked ironic, straightened up her back without making a big move and said calmly, “Equal amount of presents to marry me”

Lu Jiming nodded proudly.

“Satisfied now”

“Do you think you are even worthy of my attention” Gu Chaoyan bellowed without saving his face.

“You!” Lu Jiming got furious.

He had never expected that this wonderful offer had been snubbed by this ugly girl! “What more do you want Do you think you are worth any of it!”

The words had just been spoken when Lu Jiming lost his patience.

He took a step forward, gripped Gu Chaoyans hands and dragged her towards the wagon.

He said sinisterly, “I would very much like to see if you will be marrying me if you lose your innocence.

However, I am afraid to tell you that you are losing the deal of an equal amount of presents.”

They were now outside the court.

They were surrounded by the servants of Duke Changnings Mansion whilst the servants of the Gu Mansion remained inside the court.

Qing was the only one Gu Chaoyan had.

Seeing that, Qing lunged at him despite their social statuses.

“What are you doing!” She said as she pushed Lu Jiming, who in return gave her a violent kick.

Qing was a girl who was not a match against Lu Jiming, so she fell onto the ground.

Gu Chaoyan squinted.

She was just observing the surroundings and did not expect that Qing would have taken actions in defense of her so fast.

Now Qing was injured…

Gu Chaoyan released herself from Lu Jimings hands and slapped Lu Jimings face hard.

It was so loud that Madame Duke Changning came running by.

“Bitch, what are you doing with Jiming!”

Instead of looking at Madame Duke Changning, Gu Chaoyan said coldly, “This is for your shameless behavior!”

The words had just been spoken, and before Lu Jiming understood what was going on, Gu Chaoyan gave him a very violent kick, which sent the tall man directly onto the ground.

“This kick is for Qing.

How dare you kick my girl”

Madame Duke Changning got both angry and concerned seeing her son kicked and slapped.

She bellowed angrily, “You bitch, how dare you hit Jiming!”

The next second, Gu Chaoyan raised her feet and stomped hard on Lu Jimings face.

Lu Jiming clenched his teeth in pain.

“Bitch, how dare you stomp on me! I am going to make you suffer.”

One more kick on him.

“Bitch!” Madame Duke Changning stepped forward, trying to get hold of Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan gave his face one more kick.

“Dont you ever let me hear you calling me bitch, or I will give him an equal number of kicks.”

“Bitch…”Madame Duke Changning did not dare to shout, but glared at Gu Chaoyan furiously.

She helped the man on the floor up as she said, “Just wait and see, you lady of the Gu Family.

How dare you start a war with Duke Changnings Mansion!”


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