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He had been very furious a while ago.

When Prime Minister Chu passed on the message that a living one was caught, he ordered Prime Minister Chu to transport that thing back first so that he could see what on earth it was.

He wondered what the monster was that could kill so many people, but Prime Minister Chu never gave a response.

However, now he was told that the mastermind had been caught and sent to jail, so the King felt slightly better and satisfied with Prime Minister Chu.

He had been very jealous about the magical monsters given by the Prince of North Qi.

If he could get those ferocious things for himself, then he would be able to exceed those magical monsters from the North Qi.

He got very excited when he thought of this.

So he hurried back to the jail.

Chu Tian had not slept for one day, yet he was waiting for the King to see him.

He looked exhausted and still had some blood on him.

The King was no longer that angry when he saw Chu Tian greeting him, so he waved his hands and said, “It is fine, just skip the formalities.

Prime Minister Chu, you have worked hard.”

Only at this moment did Chu Tian skip the greeting and follow him.


“So that is the controller” The King looked at the man who was tied up.

He was confused.

The man looked very skinny and was like someone who could only read.

However, this man came up with the solid metal monsters that killed so many people at Li Village

The King didnt believe that this man could have done any of that.

“It is him.” Chu Tian nodded with determination.

He had not witnessed the attack personally, and had been confused at the beginning as well, but during the past few hours as Chu Tian guarded his transport back to the capital, he was determined that the man must have been the controller.

The man looked very quiet, but he was a very sinister man.

So it was normal that a man like this was able to make things like that.

“What about the things he made” The King looked around the jail and saw that he was alone.

So the King was very confused.

“King, the metal things he has made are very ferocious and they are too solid to attack.

It takes a lot of effort to transport them to the capital, so we have to wait a while.

My deputy general is transporting those things back tomorrow, but this man had to be brought here right away.

I transport him back overnight because I dont want to give him any chance to run away.” Chu Tian explained.

The King nodded.

He was very happy with Chu Tians arrangements.

They had to catch the head first, since when the head was caught, the battle was basically won.

This man was now in jail so he was in control.

The King was very happy about the current result, but…

Since the head was caught…

The King had come up with another plan.

He looked at Chu Tian, then he said brieftly, “Prime Minister Chu, I need you to go back to Li Village for something else.”

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