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Qu Hua had no intention of speaking with those nosy people, but when she heard that they were talking about Shanhu and the girl from the capital she started to think…

The girl from the capital

That must be none other than Lady Chaoyan!

She did not like Lady Chaoyan, and she was jealous of Lady Chaoyan.

However, when she knew that Lady Chaoyan was the future Princess Consort, she dropped her grudge towards her, no matter how little she liked her.

However, they mentioned her at this moment… Qu Hua did not understand why that happened.

One aunt said, “I heard that your father isnt satisfied with Shanhu and doesnt want you to marry Shanhu.

He even gave a lot of requirements, didnt he”

“Yeah, but now Shanhus grandma doesnt have to be worried about Shanhus marriage any more.

If Shanhu can be with the girl from the capital, then the girls from Li Village have no right to get involved.

Not even the best girl at Li Village is as good as the girl from the capital, is she” Another aunt added.

Shanhus grandma showed a smile on her face.

That was exactly what she wanted to hear, so she felt very comfortable inside.

The Qu Family looked down at them not too long ago, and Shanhus grandma simply could not forget what happened to them.

However, at this moment, Shanhu had become so excellent as to find a girl from the capital.

“My Shanhu is a good kid and he is capable too, but he was born in a poor family, which is a barrier for him.

Right now, he has someone who admires him so he is going to be really different in the future,”

Shanhus grandma said with a smile.

“Qu Hua, you are a good girl too, but we dont deserve you.

Your father has to find someone else for you to get married to.”

“However, if you need help from Shanhu in the capital, we will be generous enough to offer a hand.”

By this point, Qu Hua finally understood what they were talking about.

They were laughing at her.

And they thought that Shanhu would marry the girl from the capital, so they were mocking her at the moment.

Her father did seem to be too critical about her marital conditions, but girls needed those things to have a family.

It was not that her father had asked too much, it was just a tradition for all families with girls.

Also, how could Shanhus grandma laugh at her in front of so many people.

She should have gone to her father to make the complaints as the senior woman in the family!

Also, there were so many other people in front of her too!

Qu Hua, who had always been arrogant, could not stand that any more.

She did not want to be bullied.

She stood right on the spot and asked, “So the girl from the capital you are talking about… was she the one that came with the wagon”

“Of course, she came because she learned of my illness.

She even prepared the wagon to check on me.

She has a maid and she is well-mannered.

She is even now speaking with Prime Minister Chu.

I believe that they have a good relationship, so she has to meet him since she is here.

She has left some medicine for me to take,” Shanhus grandma said, looking extremely proud.

It seemed that Shanhus grandma, in common with her, had misunderstood something.

“Of course Lady Chaoyan has a good relationship with Prime Minister Chu, that is because…”

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