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She was definitely going to marry Shanhu.

Shanhu was a very excellent man.

The Village Chief, for example, spoke highly of him.

And what he had done would be noticed by the court, so he was going to have a promising future.

Therefore, Qu Hua was definitely going to marry Shanhu.

She could not get into the clinic which made her feel really worried – what if someone got him ahead of her

She had no excuse to be here a couple of days ago, but now she finally did.

Since she was here, she was going to see Shanhu.

Qu Hua had a very confident look on her face.

She was just waiting for Shanhu to meet her.

Shanhu did come out after a while.

He had regarded Qu Hua as the air, but now she seemed rather irritating.


He frowned.

“What are you doing here”

“I am receiving treatment here at the clinic, everything is well.

The village will get everything ready for me.

So what are you doing here by coming to see me at the clinic How are you going to marry anyone in the future”

“I have been alone all these years.

I have been injured many times, in hunting and all, I have never been so spoiled.”

Shanhu set up a boundary between himself and Qu Hua, then he was about to turn back.

Qu Hua knew that Shanhu was saying something strange, but she did not take it to heart, when she realized that Shanhu was thinking for her sake.

Seeing Shanhu leaving, she said, “Hang on.”

“I am not here to make trouble, Im here to tell you that your grandma is sick,” Qu Hua said, looking very proud rather than sad.

Hearing her words, Shanhu was no longer calm.

He panicked.

“What My grandma is sick”

Shanhu grew up with his grandma.

He relocated his grandma to somewhere in the village, and the Village Chief followed him.

He never thought that she would get sick!

However, now Grandma was sick.

Shanhu could not stay calm any more.

He turned to Gu Chaoyan.

“Lady Chaoyan, I am afraid that I cant stay here for too long.

I need to go home to see my grandma.”

Then he was about to leave.


Qu Hua showed a look of happiness.

She was going home with Shanhu.

Gu Chaoyan had wanted to stop Shanhu because he had not recovered yet, but he might not be able to be stopped.

Since that was the case Gu Chaoyan said calmly, “Dont get anxious, I will go with you.

You have to stay safe.”

Shanhu was startled.

He nodded and felt a bit happy.

He was no longer anxious any more.

He believed that Lady Chaoyan was going to arrange everything.

Qu Hua was very displeased.

“What are you doing there”

Gu Chaoyan threw a look at her, but didnt say anything, because Gu Chaoyan did not have to explain anything to Qu Hua.

She needed to take the trip because she had planned to go to Li Village, and with Shanhu around, she had a good excuse.

She asked Sword One to arrange the wagon.

Gu Chaoyan pulled Zhou Huaijin to her side.

“I am going to Li Village with Shanhu, you stay here.”

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