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“Junyi, do you think that I have done anything wrong to make my father unconvinced I am always polite to him.

I greet him every morning and I am always capable and finish all the tasks he has assigned me!”

“My father doesnt want my mother to take the position as the Queen, and I have not said anything against that.

I am concerned for him all the time!”

“I am so obedient, and I even accept the new girls he has given to me.

I feed them and support them without any complaints.”

“What more does he want from me”

“I have just found a solid position in the capital, but now he is hurting me by making use of my being away from the capital.”

“The Eldest Prince is, after all, the eldest son! I just dont feel like the rightful Crown Prince when he is there.” Zhou Huailing got extremely furious and complained to Junyi constantly.

Ruxue just did not understand what he meant, which annoyed him even more, but Junyi would get his point.

Junyi was aware of more than what he was angry about.

He could even come up with an idea for the situation he was in.

Zhou Huailing looked at Junyi sincerely.

“Junyi, just tell me what I should do Should I go back to the capital now If I dont return now, the Eldest Prince might already do something by the time I fet there!”

Junyi stopped Zhou Huailing.

He was also shocked and his head turned blurry too, but he was still more clear-minded than the Crown Prince.

He understood that he should not act imprudently.

The King asked the Min Family to bring the Eldest Prince back because the King had his own ideas and opinions.

If the Crown Prince did anything imprudent, the King might have a worse impression of him.

It was very important that he stay calm now.

However, what was the King thinking anyway Why would he suddenly bring the Eldest Prince home

He started to think fast.

It was a peaceful time in the Saint Divine Land, and the King was in full control of the court, but the King was not clear minded.

The King had been quite distracted and confused these years, judging from several things he had ordered to do.

Like the way he dealt with the Queen… and the way he dealt with his sons.

It was a normal thing, if he just brought the Eldest Prince back.

The King was trying to find a balanced force to keep the Crown Prince in control.

He wanted to remain seated in the throne, and nothing more.

The most important thing right now was what the Crown Prince should do.

Junyi massaged his temples, feeling a headache starting.

He said, “Crown Prince, dont get anxious about it.”

When he finished speaking, Junyi glanced around.

He showed a cautious look and saw the maids next to the Crown Prince Consort.

He said calmly, “Go prepare some breakfast and close the door.”

The maids nodded and left with tCrown Prince heads lowered.

When the door was closed, Zhou Huailing asked seriously, “Junyi, what is your plan”

“We do nothing.” Junyi said calmly.

Zhou Huailing was startled.


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