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“Prime Minister Chu is behind us” Junyi asked for confirmation.

“Yes, he should be here in a quarter of an hour.” The guard passed on the message.

These guards were cultivated when Junyi started to work for Zhou Huailing.

Zhou Huailing did not have any such messengers in the past, thinking that as the Heir, he did not have to have someone like this.

However, while the Heir refused to use them, Junyi could make good use of them instead.

Look at how handy they had become.

Instead of going up to the mountains, he could just go with Prime Minister Chu.

Junyi nodded and said, “Lets wait here a little longer.”

Junyi even helped some more civilians to deal with other errands in the neighbourhood.

When Prime Minister Chu arrived, Junyi stopped what he was doing and headed towards Prime Minister Chu, saying politely, “Here you are, Prime Minister Chu.”

Chu Tian frowned.

He had not seen any sight of the Heir, and only saw this man, who looked like someone working for the Heir.

“Who are you” Chu Tian asked seriously.

“I am the Heirs Officer.

The Heir is not doing well after such a long trip to Li County, so he went to bed already.

He asked me to check what is going on at Li Village right now,” Junyi said politely.

Chu Tian nodded.

However, he was not fully convinced by what Junyi said.

The Officer was most likely a strategist, who often talked pretty, but Chu Tian did not want to delve deeper into it, so he nodded.

Then he started going up the mountains with his men.

He had many men with him, some of whom were helping the villagers, and some who were his guards that wanted to subdue the things that hurt the villagers.

Junyi said with a smile, “I am going there too, why not go together”

He was at Li Village to deal with the errands.

No matter how dissatisfied he was with what the others were doing, he was still prioritizing this mission above anything else.

Therefore, he had to bring the Heirs officer with him.

The gang headed towards the mountains.

There were still some footprints of those things which remained in some places on the road.

Their mission was to get a good idea of the terrain as well as what was going on in the mountains.

Then Prime Minister Chu and the gang needed to seek where those things were.

The most important thing was how to build something that would defend Li Village.

Prime Minister Chu walked as he frowned.

They had to go deep into the mountains just to remove those things.

However, they would only get themselves killed if they just went in like this.

They needed to establish something to defend themselves.

However, it wasnt an easy thing to do.

Walls could not be built on terrain like this, and it was not practical to build a wall either, which should not exceed this mountain.

So Prime Minister Chu had a serious expression on his face.

Gradually, he became rather annoyed.

He was not a general.

What was the King thinking to have him come to deal with this matter!

He was totally confused at this moment, but the corner of his eyes caught Junyi, who had a very relaxed expression on his face.

He asked casually, “Do you have any ideas”

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