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She threw a confused look at Shanhu.

For one second, she had no idea why Shanhu was telling her this.

She told him about Qu Hua because she was informing him about her whereabouts on behalf of Xinlin Clinic.

After all, the girl came with him.

Gu Chaoyan thought for a while and nodded.

She did not take what he had said to heart and left.

Shanhu had a regretful expression on his face.

He had no idea what was wrong with him.

He had never cared about any of these things related to Qu Hua, nor had he ever been concerned about her.

He felt that he had nothing to do with this girl.

However, a moment ago, he was making an explanation about this.

He had no idea what on earth he was thinking, since he was explaining that to a stranger.

While Shanhu was regretting what he had done, Shen Tai walked in with medicine in his hands.

He came with just one bowl, knowing that only one patient woke up.

He would come with more medicine, when the others woke up.

He had learned a lot during the past days, like when he should feed the patients the medicine and when the medicine would lose its function, as it turned cold.

He passed the medicine to Shanhu who drank it up without hesitation.

Shen Tai came to take over the bowl, but Shanhu did not release his hands and asked subconsciously, “Most of the doctors at clinics in the capital are men, why is the doctor here a girl She is so young, is she a good doctor”

“You mean Elder Miss” Shen Tai asked with a smile.

Since Elder Miss was mentioned, Shen Tai had a lot to talk about.

He showed a look of pride.

“Our Elder Miss is a really excellent doctor, otherwise you would not have woken up so fast.

You were almost dead when you were brought here, but after one nights time, you are able to talk.

She is so good that you just cant doubt her skills.”

Shanhu looked at himself and found that he had indeed gotten better.

Apart from some of his injuries and pains, he had no serious problems at all.

He knew what he was like before he passed out.

Shanhu admired that girls medical skills.

At Li County, especially in his village, there had never been any girls who were both skilled and polite like her.

“Also, our Elder Miss is also very kind-hearted.

She saved my life and gave my parents money to spend for the rest of their lives.

Now I am working at the clinic because of her, and she is the most kind-hearted girl I have ever met!”

Truly someone as kind-hearted would be equally skilled in medicine.

“Also, our Elder Miss is a very special girl.

While most girls spend their time in the back of the yard, our Elder Miss is a very broad-minded person.

Even though she is now engaged with the Lord, she is still a girl who has her own opinions.” Shen Tai showed a look of pride and admiration.

Lord She was engaged to a Lord

“Your Elder Miss is engaged to a lord” Shanhu asked.

“Of course.

Elder Miss and Lord are such a good, suitable couple.

They were born to be together.

Anyway, it is your fortune that you and your fellows are receiving treatment here at Xinlin Clinic,” Shen Tai said with a smile.

If not for his good luck, he would have died.

Having said this, Shen Tai was waiting for Shanhu to say nice words about Elder Miss, but he noticed that Shanhu had become absent-minded.

“What is wrong with you”

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