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Chapter 101: Unexpected.

She might be a killer in her previous life, but she was also skilled in zither, chess, calligraphy and painting.

So performing was not a difficult thing for her.

She looked at her dress that was prepared by Gu Ruxue, which was most suitable for dances, she said naturally, “I will dance.”

“I would very much like to see what the ugliest girl would do with dances!” Princess Xunyang said arrogantly and returned to her seat.

Gu Chaoyan did not make any preparations but went on the stage directly.

Gu Ruxue planned to follow, but upset the tea in her hands, as the water splattered over Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan noticed that her shoulders had become wet.

So what she had assumed was true.

“Sister, do you want to get changed” Instead of making an apology, Gu Ruxue asked casually.


Everyone was waiting for Gu Chaoyan to perform.

She had no time to get changed at all.

Gu Chaoyan shook her head.

She went up to the middle of the stage directly.

Gu Ruxue watched in her seat carefully.

She was expecting to see Gu Chaoyan get humiliated in public!

Gu Chaoyan was talking with the instrument players about the melody.

Those players were imperially employed, and Gu Chaoyans messages to them went through easily.

Gu Chaoyan started to perform openly.

She started to sing a song called The Bright Moon…

Alongside with the melody, Gu Chaoyan danced as she sang, “Bright, bright moon in the sky, fairy up there, please tell me what it is this year How I wish to fly away, yet the pavilion high up, makes me feel scared in some way.

I dance with the silhouette up in heaven, how wonderful it feels on the earth even.”

Those who had expected to see a ridiculous and funny show, started to pay great attention the moment she started to sing.

Gu Chaoyan was slightly chubby, yet the way she danced was so beautiful that her chubbiness was ignored.

What remained was the lovely voice of hers.

And they had never heard her singing in this way before.

It was so beautiful.

Gu Ruxue was shocked too! Where did the ugly girl learn this

But it did not matter.

She was waiting to see how she was going to live on when her dress fell off.

A small smile hovered over her face, as she waited patiently.

The song ended, and what Gu Ruxue had expected did not happen.

Gu Chaoyan was standing right in front of them with a great posture.

After a moment of silence, the crowd started to clap.

Madame Min went up and gripped Gu Chaoyans hands excitedly, “Did you compile the dance and song yourself”

Gu Chaoyan did not know who Madame Min was, but she replied with a great manner.

“I did.”

Having said the words, Gu Chaoyan felt somehow guilty.

Since she was living in a different ancient time, the real writer for this melody and lyrics had not existed yet.

No wonder this song made this lady so glad.

“Impossible!” Gu Ruxue shouted.

Madame Min threw a look at Gu Ruxue.

“What do you mean, Second Lady, or are you saying that you made the song and melody”

Gu Ruxue looked up guiltily, “No, no, I just find it curious.

Sister never learned those things in the past, how did she come up with such a song and dance all of a sudden.”

Madame Min had heard some rumor about this lady.

She looked at Gu Chaoyan briefly.

She still believed her, but Madame Min found it curious too.

Instead of answering the question directly, Gu Chaoyan asked, “Second Sister, you just told Princess Xunyang that i have been making preparations for this performance for a long while, so how did I come up with the dance and song all of a sudden”


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