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Chapter 1951 Same Strategy

Tampering something made by a strong being like Placake was always risky.

That\'s why Rean took great care with the removal.

Sister Orb, can you see anyone coming to the room where the claws are located

[You can see the outside, too, no Anyways, I can\'t see anyone.]

Rean and Roan nodded after hearing that.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Let\'s go.

Rean and Roan\'s appearance then immediately changed, making them look like some random member of the System Sect.

They didn\'t use the Circuitry Teleport Formation in the Dimensional Realm, though.

That thing would teleport them randomly in a specific direction.

The experts watching the System Sect know where the exits of its teleport formations were located.

So it would be too suspicious if the twins suddenly appeared somewhere different.

Instead, the twins came out of the Dimensional Realm and went to the Mission Hall, using the exact same method as Fay and Alen did.

Even now, Restlar and Animo were pretending to be Fay and Alen.

It\'s just that they rarely showed their faces with the excuse that Roan was giving them some special training.

Roan was famous for his control over the entire sect\'s training schedules, so it was pretty normal for a lot of people there to receive such attention every now and then.

Rean looked at Roan as he took one of the missions in the Mission Hall.

\'So, are we truly not going there\'

Roan nodded, telling him, \'We told Calina and Qia that we were heading to the Floating Islands of Time.

However, I would rather not risk it.

That\'s because we have Kentucky, so that place will probably be searched once we disappear.

The best thing is if no one really knows where we\'re going.\'

\'Then the devils\' territory it is,\' Rean replied.

That was correct.

Chances might be low, but Roan still thought it was possible that the demon beasts would look for them in the Floating Islands of Time.

Simply put, since Kentucky was part of that race, it wasn\'t like they would have a better idea.

\'It has been such a long time since those islands existed.

If the fragment hasn\'t been extracted until now, then it won\'t be anytime soon.

We can come back later instead.\' That was the new plan in the twins\' roster.

However, it was a fact that neither Rean nor Roan knew of any fragment located in the devils\' territory.

The only place related to the devils that had fragments was the Underworld! Rean and Roan decided to visit the Underworld first, as it would be the last place anyone would try to find them.

They entered a teleport formation in the System Sect and appeared at one of its exits with two more sect members who were on another mission.

However, Rean and Roan simply ignored them and departed straight away.

Since they had Rean\'s Divine Sense bending skill, they could feel the powerful Divine Sense watching over this region.

It was the same anywhere near the System Sect and the Dragon Race\'s territory.

Of course, they didn\'t show any reaction and simply flew away.

Because of the distance of that Divine Sense, Rean could use his Divine Sense bending skill to hide their cultivation.

Whoever was watching was just too far away to use their natural spatial perception to tell that the twins were, in fact, Void Tempering Realm cultivators.

Natural spatial perception had always had a range far shorter than Divine Senses, after all.

\'Where do we go from here\' Roan asked through their Soul Connection.

Rean pulled out a jade slip and checked the information inside.

Since the demon beasts, humanoids, and spirits were preparing to invade the devils\' territory, many antennas had to be built close to its borders.

Rean participated in many of the discussions to find the best places to create the network in the demon beasts\' territories.

With that, he naturally had access to many of the maps.

\'We need to travel a few days northeast.

There\'s a city controlled by the Dragon Race there with a super long-distance teleport formation.

We can use it to teleport to the borders of the devils\' territory.\'

Roan nodded in response.

\'Did you prepare the Formation Badge\'

\'But of course!\' Rean immediately confirmed.

The System Sect had to send Formation Masters everywhere for the expansion of the communication system.

These Formation Masters obviously had to be identified somehow.

And so, that\'s where the Formation Master Badges came into play.

They could only be created in the System Sect and could be used in any major city of the demon beasts\' territory for access to teleport formations and other services.

One must remember that the demon beasts only used these kinds of teleport formations.

Short-distance teleport formations practically didn\'t exist since the number of demon beast cities was several times lower than humanoid ones.

Each one was always located just too far away from the other.

\'The question is whether Placake will notice that we disappeared.\' Roan obviously understood the main issue.

Rean shrugged his shoulders in response.

\'The Rank Four Divine Stones should last at least a few weeks.

There have been many times when we had to isolate ourselves in the System Sect, so it shouldn\'t be anything new to him.

Qia, Calina, and Zuo will also cover for us.

Besides, if we don\'t take the long-distance teleport formations, we\'ll have to fly with Kentucky all the way to the borders.

We might be in the Void Tempering Realm, but it would still take us several years if we do that.\'

Roan agreed with Rean.

\'I know that.

As soon as we get out of the range of this Divine Sense, we\'ll bring Kentucky out and fly full speed to the city.

Kentucky\'s speed will save us a lot of time.\'

Rean and Roan were right.

Calina and Qia stayed near the claws with the Divine Stones and appeared every once in a while, saying that Rean and Roan were working on their cultivation technique.

Placake only found the twins\' lack of movement weird when Rawor contacted him, saying that he needed to see Rean and discuss a few things but couldn\'t get permission in the System Sect for that.

Unfortunately for them, two weeks had passed by then.

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